“TINY TALENTS” : Kidscontests.in invites Entries from Talented Kids

Kidscontests.in is starting a new section for Talented Kids – “TINY TALENTS”.

This is NOT a competition. This is a platform for young kids to show their talents to the world.

Have a Talented Child ? Be it in Art, Dance, Music, Sports, Games or any Special Skills. Send us a description of the achievements of your child or their skills with photographs of his / her achievements. Please send details like the name of the child, class, school, city /state, photographs of art works/crafts, other talents etc. and also a brief introduction about the kid. Kid’s photograph is not mandatory, it will be published only if the parent wishes to publish them.

Please Note : For Publishing in this section, parents need to send at least a paragraph (Min 150 words) description of the child’s achievements. Then only we will be able to publish it in a presentable format.

Get Featured in Kidscontests.in and Let the World Know the talents of the tiny tots!!!

Send in entries to indiakidscontests@gmail.com