M. S. Irfhana | Young Talented Student from Velammal Vidyalaya

Let’s meet M. S. Irfhana and read what her proud father has to say about her achievements.
“My daughter M. S. Irfhana, studying in Velammal vidyalaya school Poonamallee, is a young talented girl who always has high dreams. Her dreams lead her to reach her goals in a positive way.
 She has keen interest not only in studies but also in sports and other extra-curriculum activities.
She is very talented in fast thinking and also in speedy speech deliveries, which made to participate in many speech competitions.  Her thinking is always towards society and public. Irfhana’s ultimate aim is to become an IAS officer.
Her views are always deep and high which made her to serve society in education for each and every child. She is an all-rounder girl who has more interest in athletics, chess ,drawing  and also abacus. She is a good Tamil Orator too.
Irfhana has participated in Olympiad and spell bee and won prizes. She has won many district, state, and inter-level competition  and gave pride not only for us but also for her school. She got Ilantamil ilakkiya award. She is still on her way to reach her ultimate goals.”
Achievements of irfhana in abacus ,chess, athletics, drawing, tamil speech, Olympiad and spell bee.