Varnika S S: 2 Year Old made it to India Book of Records (Young to recite Shlokas)

Varnika S S (born on November 16, 2016) of Chennai, Tamil  Nadu, is appreciated for reciting shlokas at a very young age of 2 years, as confirmed on September 18, 2019. She is in Pre-KG at PSBB millennium School, Guindy Chennai,

Baby Varnika has great interest in singing and recitation of Shlokas. She started chanting Sanskrit slokas and singing small Bhajans on her own from the age of 2 years by just listening. She also listens to lengthy Tamil /English/Hindi songs played in Youtube and quickly learns on her own without much teaching from Elders. She has marked her name in “INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS” as “YOUNG TO RECITE SHLOKAS”.

She has also won other awards for Rhymes/Fancy Dress and also has won “Young Ramanujam” Title  in Kids contests conducted at Chennai.