Arvind N Reddy | LITTLE CHAMP 2020

Ms. Navitha Reddy from Bangalore introduces her talented son Arvind N Reddy in our Tiny Talents section.
” Namaste, Let me introduce my younger son Arvind N Reddy.Arvind N Reddy, my younger son ( 3years 3months) is a very good observer and his intellectual thinking is high for his age. He is very much interested in solving Jigsaw puzzles and has solved many puzzles that we’re meant for kids age 6 and above. Recently he had created a world record as the youngest kid to solve the Indian map jigsaw puzzle of 100+ pieces. He solved them in less than 16mins. The fact is we never taught him to do, he learned it on his own by observing his brother. He was awarded as LITTLE CHAMP 2020 by the champion book of world records. We are blessed to be his parents. ”