Wonder Boy with Memory Skills – Hussain from New Delhi

Let’s meet 4 year old Hussain from New Delhi. He is a Wonder Boy with Memory Skills.

His mother Samreen would like to tell about her son.

I want to tell about his extraordinary memory skills.

At the age of 3 he developed that amazing skills. He first performed in his play school talent show where he answered 85 questions of general knowledge like 60 countries capitals,science and current affairs related questions in just 6 minutes at the age of 3.5 year and has been named as wonder kid on that day(video link at the last).

And at the time he has completed more than 100 countries capital and more than 50 flags of countries. He participated(speaker category) in national level talent show organised by dream catcher peagants ( virtually organised by them due to covid 19 ) and he has become the winner of that national level contest on the basis of the video where he tells more than 100 capitals and flags.

His news has also been published in Hindi in Delhi news paper about his success and intelligence.

And now he has completed 150 countries capitals and 100 flags of different countries with states capitals also. And he knows many more things like abbreviations of different countries prime minister and president, scientist names with their achievements,  many founders of different companies,continents,wonders of world etc.

And he has been selected in the kids achievers awards also by dream catcher peagants event company but unfortunately due to covid 19 the ceremony has been postponed.

This his the youtube channel link where you can see some of his videos. ”