Multi Talented Pushti Jain from Chettinad Vidyalaya

Meet Multi Talented Pushti Jain from Chettinad Vidyalaya. She is an UKG Student.

Achievements till now

Pre K.g : Dressup show 2nd, Storytelling 1st, Colouring 3rd, Running race 3rd

Lkg : gold medal and cash for art from schoolindia, action song 1st, show and tell 1st, storytelling 1st, dressup show 3rd
Apart from school:-
Feb. 2020
1.Smart super stars:
Storytelling 2and,slogan telling 3ed,dance 1st,cook without flame 1st,rhymes 1st . Won multi talented kid award.
2.Dn crafts:
Rising star of the year for dance and music both.
1.Exectise multi talented award:
 1st for poem,fancy dress   1st,slogan  1st
2.Phoenix academy:
  Dance 1st
  Rhymes 2and,tables telling.     1st,dance 2and,painting 2and,fancy   dress 3rd,cook without flame.   1st,numerous skill award
4.Sparkling stars
 Talented star award for alphabet   writing(cursive)
April 2020
1.cuemath online test
2.Happy kids school
    Storytelling 3rd,rhymes 1st
3.Sparkling stars:
    3rd for fireless cooking,young artist award for colouring, best            creator for best out of waste, 3rd for pot painting
4. Phoenix academy 
     Poem 1st,dance 2and
May 2020
1. Cuemath online test
2.phoenix academy 
    Shloka2nd,storytelling 1st
     Enormous kid award,poem 1st, Shloka 2nd,dance 3rd, word within a word 1st, national symbols 2nd, dubsmash 2nd
Apart from these she had participated in several marathons and kiddathons.