Budding Star Talent : R D Kavin Ajitesh – 3.5 years Old

Budding Star Talent, 3.5 years old R D Kavin Ajitesh –

R .D. Kavin Ajitesh has multiple talents in Colouring, Rhymes telling , Colour identifying, Thirukkural Recitation, Fancy dress and also in Sports activities.

His first stage performance was 2019, that too at the age of 2.5 years before going to school. He secured 3rd prize as “Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi”.

Here are c\some competitions he attended and won certificates and medals.

* 2009 – Norm’s Magic Inter School Competition.

  1. Secure 3rd Prize for fancy dress as Narendra Modi
  2. He won Second Prize in Fashion Show and gave him the “Certificate of Unique Potential”.

* Sparkling Stars online colouring competition.

  1. Secured participation certificate @ 2.6 years.
  2. He won the “Talented Artist Award” colouring in the winter Festival.

* Thumb kids of Rock online colouring competition. He won second prize in online coloring.

* Padmashree Play School. Secured second place in Bunny race at sports activities.

* He also participated in a colouring contest which was organized by SID academy in which he was the youngest participant of the competition.

* Swins Infosys: Declared second winner in colouring event by creative kids organized by swinsinfosys @ 3 years

* Vibha School of Inter School Competition.
     1. Fancy Dress – 3rd Prize
     2. Colouring – 4th Place
     3. Personal Talent – 5th Place
     4. Rhymes – 3rd Place
     5. Photography Contest – 3rd Place
 and secured the “Overall Champion Trophy”.

* Twinkling star birds certified him “Best Endeavour Award” in the colouring competition.

* He received “Thirukkural Selvan” in thirukkural recitation event organized by “swininfosys”.

* He was also honoured by “one india tamil” for the achievements & interest in coloring, They also published the same on their articles.

* He also participated in the following online competitions.

Vidhyalaya charitable trust honoured him for active participation in a drawing competition held on 20th May,2020.

Dolphin Arts Academy recognized him for outstanding performance in an online Art contest.

He participated in the “All India Kids Contest” held in June 2020 conducted by K’ Log foundation.

He is gaining confidence in life. His parents always encourage him to do what he is interested in. He is utilizing as well as enjoying his quarantine period in a productive manner.