Abhinav. C | The Young App Creator

Let’s meet Abhinav. C, the Young App Creator from Palakkad, Kerala.

Abhinav is a +1 student of HSS, Kattukulam in Palakkad district of Kerala. Abhinav is a talented young achiever who invented 18 mobile apps for different purposes in one year using different computer languages.

He invented an app for Pookottukavu Grama Panchayath, a Govt Office. This is big achievement as it is the first time that a boy of 16 years is making app for a Government office. He received an award from Adv K Prem Kumar, Member of legislative assembly Ottapalam for this achievement.  He is also included in the India book of records.

Abhinav is a tech prodigy at this young age itself. He developed an app without coding. He created ‘Chikku’, a replacement for Telegram, where one can send files of any size, message, and can even make audio and video calls. He created a more secure messaging application ‘Chichat’ after sometime.

Congratulations and All the Very Best for a Bright Future Abhinav!!

Details about his achievements are available in the Newspapers : https://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/kochi/2021/aug/06/meet-abhinav-the-young-app-creator-2340751.html