Dessin National Online Art Contest May- June 2020

Dessin National Online Art Contest May- June 2020.

Last Date of Submission:- 15th June 2020

Registration Fee of Rs.110

    Junior Group
    Pre-kg, Lkg & Ukg
    Mental stability after lockdown
    Group A
    I & II std
    Effects of Amphan cyclone during pandemic
    Group B
    III, IV & V std
    Issues with India and china LAC
    Group C
    VI, VII & VIII std
    Vaccine development is like rollercoaster ride
    Group D
    IX, X & XI std
    Militant attacks on security forces in Kashmir
Note Information
  1. Entry fee is 110/- painting
  2. Each student can send only one entry per competition.
  3. Paintings must be the student’s original creative work.
  4. Entries should be closely related to the give theme, allowing for a degree of imaginary interpretation.
  5. The painting should be done in A4 size and must be sent in JPEG image form.
  6. Every entry must carry the following information in English and in Block Letters at Registration Form and while uploading the painting.
  7. Result for the above competition will be announced on 10th July 2020
  8. All the participants will be provided with a participation certificate(E-format) in their respective email-id.
  9.  All the place winners will get medals and winner certificate through courier once the lock down gets over.
  10.  Please maintain the order so we can stream line the database.

For Registration and Applying :