Foreign Policy & Diplomacy Quiz Contest – 2020

Foreign Policy & Diplomacy Quiz Contest -2020 is the first-of-its-kind, unique and online quiz contest for students from grade 6 to 12 to excel and ameliorate their global skills, knowledge of India’s foreign policy, relations between two countries and profound information about focus country’s foreign policy, its success stories, its people, culture, history, gastronomy etc.

The quiz contest helps students to be globalise and learn in depth about global agenda, India’s foreign policy, global partnership and relations, diplomacy and profound knowledge of focus country’s history, society, culture, festival, gastronomy, geography etc. and its foreign policy, key engagements and success stories. It helps students to think about Foreign Service and help them to choose their career as a diplomat and serve the nations. Moreover, it helps students to express their knowledge and understanding in global conferences, MUN like programs, national & international forums and to become globally competence & highly accomplished individual.

Focus Country – [Year 2020]: Latvia

In Collaboration with: Embassy of the Republic of Latvia, India

Quiz Mode: Online Participation
Eligibility: Class 6 to 12
Number of Questions: 55 questions
Total Score: 200 points

10 winners will be invited and accommodated at embassy in Delhi for a day to explore, understand and learn real diplomatic skills [Top 6 students from (class 6 to 9) and Top 4 students from (class 10 to 12) will be selected]

10 winners will be felicitated with Latvian Souvenir

10 winners will be felicitated with medals/plaque and the book “Rapid Vedic Mathematics” authored by CN Patel

Certificate of Participation for all participating students

Last Date: Midnight (IST) until 15th September 2020 (Quiz is open and you can take it anytime before 15th Sept)

Reading Material: Reading material is integrated online and can be accessible it before taking the quiz, once you prepared, you can take the quiz.

Participation Guidelines

Step 1 : All participating students must register HERE to generate password
 Step 2: Login and Select the Quiz “Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Quiz Contest -2020
Step 3: Participating though School
Submit participation fee ₹ 160, your name and email to your school coordinator

Participating as an Individual
Pay participation fee online. Multiple options and local currency are available

Step 4 :Read reference material and once prepared, start the quiz
Step 5: Download Certificate of Participation; once you finish the quiz
Results will be announced and winners will be contacted for felicitation ceremony.



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