FUN RIDE organizes online Competitions for Children & Adults

FUN RIDE organized online competitions:
*Quiz and puzzle:*
1.Entry fee – ₹.50
*Cooking without 🔥
:* 1.we need dishes within 3 minutes !!! 
2.Dishes with good presentation. 
3.we need 3 minutes video. 
4.How many dishes you can prepare within a minute? 
5.Parents and children will also can participate 
6.Entry fee-₹.100
*Dance :*
1.Free style 
2.For childrens entry fee-      ₹.120
3.For adults entry fee-₹.150
Note: record a video for 3 minutes without editing. 
1.Topic: Nature (for children) & Forest(for adults) 
2.Entry fee for childrens-₹.89
3.Entry fee for adults- ₹.129               
 *Hand writing*
1.Any topic
2.Entry fee for childrens-₹.69
3.Entry fee for adults- ₹.120
# For all the competition registered person can only participate. 
# Last date till *June 10*
# For contact : 7339398667/8270624915
# connect us with facebook page: Quize game
# connect us with Instagram page: @quize_gamee