BELOW 6 Category (only colouring)
Above 7 to 16yrs Category Own topic by participants.
1. Participants Must Report The Venue On Or Before 9:00 Am.
2. A3 Size Charts will be given from SPRITZAA COLOURS 2k24 ORGANIZERS.
3. Participants should bring drawing materials.
4. . Distribution Of Prizes Will Be On 13th July SPRITZAA 2K24 Stage.
5. .All The Participants Will Be Awarded Participant Certificate And Medals.
6. ( *Note: if more than 10 members from your drawing school, the
competition can be held at your venue* )                  
 7   The Judgement By The Panel Of Expert Will Be The FINAL….
8. Drawing competition will be conducted on every weekend that starts from June 1st 2024 , winners will be announced on 10th of July and price distribution will be on 13th July in final event of SPRITZAA…