UnicMinds World Game Coding Competition Feb 2024

UnicMinds invites kids worldwide to participate in its World Game Coding Competition. The competition is open for more than two months from 20th Feb’24 to 30th Apr’24.

Kids will have to make a coding game with two levels in any of the block-based platforms or in JavaScript or Python. All children up to 15 years of age qualify for this coding competition.

– No registration required
– Children up to 15 years can participate
– Cash Prizes are provided

The top 20 entries will be called for an interview, and then the finalists will be decided. It is an excellent opportunity for children across the world to test themselves and get recognized as top 10 of a major junior coding competition. The final winners will be announced in the last week of May’24.

The theme for the competition is nature, meaning children have to include an element of nature in the games they submit. Some common sample themes include global warming, environment protection, animal world, save the hippo, and more. While the main goal is to raise awareness of STEM and to set a competition among kids in coding skills, the secondary goal is also to let children think about the nature around us.

To know more about this contest and to get the latest updates, visit the website World Game Coding Competition for Kids