Top International Art Contests for Kids

Here are some of the top international art contests for kids:

International Children’s Art Exhibition: Organized by UNESCO, the International Children’s Art Exhibition invites children from around the world to submit their artwork. It aims to promote cultural exchange and understanding through art.

International Art Competition by Little Art: Little Art, a nonprofit organization based in Pakistan, conducts an annual international art competition for children. It encourages young artists to express their creativity and explore various art forms.

Doodle for Google: Doodle for Google is a global art competition organized by Google. It invites children from different countries to create doodles based on a given theme. The winning doodle is featured on the Google homepage.

International Child Art Foundation’s World Children’s Festival: The World Children’s Festival is a celebration of creativity and youth expression. It includes an international art competition that allows children to showcase their artistic abilities on a global platform.

Global Canvas Art Competition: The Global Canvas Art Competition is organized by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in the United Kingdom. It invites children and young people to create artwork inspired by the natural world and wildlife conservation.

Artsonia Artist of the Week: Artsonia is an online art gallery for students. It selects an Artist of the Week from various submissions worldwide, giving young artists a chance to gain recognition and exposure.

International Youth Art Contest by Wildlife Forever: Wildlife Forever organizes an annual international youth art contest that focuses on raising awareness about wildlife conservation. Children are encouraged to create artwork featuring wildlife and their habitats.