Kids Sudoku Championship by MALSAR Online

The Kids Sudoku Championship is an exciting event designed to challenge children. The main objective of the championship is to introduce children to the game of Sudoku at an early age, as it can help to develop their cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. By participating in the championship, children will learn to think logically, solve complex problems, and improve their concentration and memory skills.

The competition aims to foster a love for puzzles and promote healthy competition among children. Participants will have the opportunity to compete with their peers and improve their skills, building their confidence and self-esteem.

The championship comprises three rounds – easy, medium, and hard – each with an elimination process. Complete details will be shared with registered participants, ensuring they are well-prepared for the competition. The championship winner be basis the following category :

Category 1- Age: 4-6 Years

Category 2- Age: 7-10 Years

Category 3- Age: 11-15 Years

Note: The age of the students will be considered as per their age on 31st March 2023.

More Details :