Science Challenge 2022 | Junior Science Contest

Warm Greetings!!!
     To Parents and enthusiastic children…

“Science Challenge 2022”
  – a collaborative event by Le’Shell and Sparkling Stars.

Purpose: To develop creative learning in the field of science amoung school children.

What is to be done?
      The individual has to prepare a model explaining the respective contents in the topic given on them by using their maximum extent of their creative skills.

Which tool could be used?
There is no limitations on the tools used. (Eg: poster, ppt, art and crafts, demo models, etc..)

Who can participate?
    From grade 1st to grade 5th.

What is the time duration?
Not exceeding 10mins.

Which mode?
    Both Offline and Online mode (but online is subjected to schedule).

Date: 3-9-2022 & 4-9-2022 (Sat & Sun)

Last date to register: 30-8-2022 (Tuesday)

Registration fee: Rs.100 per candidate.

*All participants will be certified.
*Toppers will be awarded.