Valiyant Academy conducts Free Drawing Competition for School Students (Offline)

Valiyant Academy conducts Free Drawing Competition for School Students.


1)     It’s a Free Competition. No Registration Fee. 20 Persons limited for each time slot. So prior registration is required. 

Please use the link to register your kid. 

2)     The participant has to visit the venue on the specific dates, finish the drawing and colouring in the required topic “My Favorite Drawing” within 1 hour and submit in the center.

3)     Duration : 1 hour. No extra time will be provided

4)     Class Category:

·        Category P (Pre Kg)

·        Category L (LKG)

·        Category U (UKG)

·        Category A (I & II STD)

·        Category B (III & IV STD)

·        Category C (V & VI STD)

·        Category D (VII STD & ABOVE)

5)     Prizes will be per category. If no proper numbers in the category, the prizes in one or more categories will be combined

6)     The Chart will be provided at the Venue. Other drawing and coloring materials to be brought by the Participant. Only wax crayons to be used for coloring.

7)     The prize winners will be announced before July 29th 2022. Judges’ decision will be final.

8)     Participation Certificates will be given to all participants.

9)     The time slots available 04:00 – 05:00 PM, 05:00 – 06:00 PM, 06:00 – 07:00 PM from July 18th to 22nd 2022. The participant has to stick on to the time slot.

For details contact 9841019293/9952955546

10)  The participant has to be 10 mts before the respective time slot.