Mathematical Kangaroo Competition 2022

Mathematical Kangaroo (also known as International Mathematical Kangaroo or Kangourou sans frontières in French) is an international mathematical competition that takes place in 92 countries. There are twelve levels of participation, ranging from 1to 12 grades. The key competence tested by Mathematical Kangaroo is not just pure knowledge of formulas, but the logical combination of concepts.

Mathematical questions in the multiple-choice format are available to students at all levels of school. The questions aren’t the typical textbook problems, and they cover a wide range of topics. They demand imagination, basic computational abilities, logical reasoning, and other problem-solving strategies in addition to inspiring ideas, perseverance, and creativity.

The competition consists of a 90-minute multiple-choice test. Students who register through their school will take a pen and paper test, however, students who register on an individual level are given the option of taking the test online. The Contest will be held in the student’s school (or at the Open Center for Individual Participants), with the assigned contact person in charge of the event.

Medals and Merit Certificates

Gold medals will be awarded to the top 5% of competitors; silver medals will be awarded to the next top 10% of competitors, and bronze medals will be awarded to the next top 10% of competitors. All medalists will be presented with merit certificates. Others will receive a participation or appreciation certificate.
Only an e-certificate will be given for appreciation and participation.
In the second round of competition, the first-round perfect scorer will compete. Students who score higher than 90% in the second round will receive a Perfect Score Award, a Gold Medal, and $100 in cash.

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