International Visual Arts Contest 2022 | ​​”The Music and Dances of My People”

This is an International Contest. Please Read the instructions carefully before proceeding. Link to organizers’ website is given below.

Municipality of Montana – Bulgaria, announces a call for entries for the  International Visual Arts Contest “The music and dances of my people”.

According to its amended regulations, the competition has a specific theme and it will be held in two stages.

The theme (subject) of the art competition in 2022 is “Musical Instruments”.  It is an event within the International Festival of Wind Orchestras, dedicated to the famous Bulgarian composer Diko Iliev. Because of that the organizers will be happy if young artists dedicate their art works to wind orchestras or brass bands. Of course, this is optional.

The competition will be held in two stages. Till March 30, 2022, participants must send high-quality digital photos of their work to e-mail: They will be published on the competition’s Facebook page. A professional jury will evaluate the children’s art works submitted for the online stage of the competition and will rank the top 200 of them. The nominees will compete in the final stage. By April 30, 2022, they must send the originals of their art works to the postal address of the Municipality of Montana (1 Izvora Street, 3400 Montana –  Bulgaria). Among them will be determined the winners in both age groups (from 7 to 11 years and from 12 to 15 years).

The awards of the ranked participants will be given to them during the opening ceremony of the festival of wind orchestras “Diko Iliev” in the middle of July.

The winners will receive a statuette of the festival, a diploma and a gift, and their runners-up will receive a diploma and a gift. The winners of the incentive prizes will receive a diploma for excellent performance, and their works will also be included in the exhibition of the competition. After that, they will be included in the fund of the section “Children’s Art” of the Art Gallery “Kiril Petrov” – Montana. The Jury will distinguish 10 institutions (schools, schools, clubs) with collective awards – a diploma for excellent complex presentation. 

Digital photos will be published by the organizers on the competition’s social media page within 5 days of the artworks being processed, accompanied by the name and surname, age and country of the participant;

The jury will rank the 200 best artworks;

The jury’s ranking will be published on the website of the International Festival of Wind Orchestras “Diko Iliev” and the competition’s social networks;

The organizers will inform the winners of the first stage of the competition by messaging them by email no later than 5 days after the jury’s decision.

For further communication about the Children’s Visual Arts Contest “The music and dances of my people”, please contact  via e-mail:

Nelly Vasileva
Senior expert of culture and religion
Municipality of Montana
1 Izvora Str.
3400 Montana
Phone: ++359 96 394 273
Mobile: ++359 889 289 900