Dream Talent Competition for All 2021



3 years to 6 years
7 years to 10 years
11 years to 15 years
Above 16 years


Dance: Any language and any type of style will do.

Duration: 3 – 4 minutes.

Costume must based on dance.

Musical instrument: Any language and any theme.

Duration: 3 minutes.

Singing: Any devotional song and cine songs

Duration: 4 minutes.

Hand craft: Any hand craft work will do. ( Ex: Decoration items, Scrapbook).

Drawing: Category 1: Your house

Category 2: Forest with animals

Category 3: Any god

Category 4: Your creative thing


Send video for all competition – Whatsapp 7358675108.
Registration fee 250/- per competition.
Send Participation details ( Name, Age, Address with postal code(must), Contact number ) after you receive the payment details.
Registration last date 17.12.2021.
Video submission last date on or before 20.12.2021.
Result will be announced on 25.12.2021.
Our team decision will be final.
Courier charge extra.
For each category 2 prizes ( Winner and Runner ) will be given.
Any further clarification Only message on whatsapp 7358675108.