SPELLer BEE : SUNDAY TESTS … 50 in a Year
 Salient aspects follow.

# A child registers for it once in a year (during the May to April period). Registration is direct. School is not involved in any manner. ANY CHILD from ANY COUNTRY can register directly ANY DAY of the year. One can register any day and give the “balance tests”.

# Child gives SPELLING TESTS on SUNDAYS only. It is a dictation test. NO STRESS … as no preparation is to be done. Just be in the class and give the test. One learns from one’s mistakes here.

These tests are the learning tool as per Pati’s T&L method.

# Child gives 50 tests on 50 SUNDAYs in a Year (May – April period). Those who join, after the tests have started, will give BALANCE TESTS ONLY. So, if you join in December, you give balance tests till April (till Test 50). You can register in March as well and give the balance tests.

# Answers are provided test wise. These are provided ONLY for the Tests attended by a child, else not.

# Tests are conducted in an online class.

# Test timing varies across grades / class of child, and the country of residence. So, a Sunday test time for a particular grade/class is different for USA and India students.

Any change in schedule due to unforeseen circumstances will be informed vide email only.

# Certificates given to all who attend the SPELLer BEE exam held AFTER Test 50. Registration for the same has to be done “separately”.

Tests will be conducted in online classes. Link and password will be sent after registration is completed. Word Dictation will be given, so child has to have paper and pencil/pen ready for the class. Each word will be repeated 2 times. No meaning or sentence will be stated in the test. Pronunciation will be regular Indian English pronunciation.

Answers will be shared only after the test. Child must have attended a test to get its answers (else not). Child has to check and thus identify his/her ‘weak’ words and learn same through regular practice. No word list or study material will be provided. The ‘weak’ words will be the study/learning material in the child’s spelling learning journey.

# No paid orientation or separate preparatory classes will be there.

# Everything will be online – no travel / stay cost involved.

# One time fee for each in Year 1 follows.

Fee is the same for all across countries, since 2020.

# Total Fee in YEAR 1 : 1st academic year of registration (irrespective of week/month of registration during the May-April period of Year 1)

Indian Rupees 100 ONLY (due to our worldwide H&D Scholarship program fee is Rs 100 only in Year 1, instead of Rs 1000.)

The fee of Rs 100 in Year 1 works out to a total fee of less than 2 US Dollars in a year.

Your good wishes are solicited for this 1st ever Spelling initiative of its kind, in the world.

For details https://www.spellindia.co.in/spell-bee-online-tests.html