YoungTalento May 2021 Month Contests

YoungTalento, an innovative contest platform to showcase the creativity and problem solving ability of the child.
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1. Chefs@Home

 Upload your video of fire less cooking along with your parents
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2. TalentoStage:

YoungTalento encourages all talented kids to showcase thier talent. This Month we have a TalentoStage contest where you can showcase any of your talents. We are open to the theme and the talent you want to share with us. we are eagerly waiting to see you all here.

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3. Paperchain

Create your longest paper chain from single A4 sheet paper and upload video of it along with its length in cms.
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4. Jokes

Write your own jokes and upload image of it.
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5. Folk Tales

Upload the video of your child narrating the story
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6. News

Collect useful news for kids and read as newsreader in less than 5 mins video and upload video of it.
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7. Tagore

Write poetry/Song on May day and upload image of it.
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