Twinkling Star Kids Presents Talentina 2021

Twinkling Star Kids Presents Talentina 2021 : A mega online Contest for Talented Buds.

This event is to motivate all the kids for the effort they put on in learning new things.


Group A: Kg’s

Group B: 1st to 4th standard

Group C: 5th to 8th standard


1.      Event or activities should be done by the kids, 2 to 3 min video of child Dance (any style), Singing (song, slogam, rhymes), Fancy dress, Drawing, Thirukkural, Own talents (art and craft, musical instruments, speech, storytelling, ect..).

NOTE: NO Theme.

2.      Last date for submission 28th April 2021

3.      Payment can be done through Bank account (NEFT), or Gpay.

4.      Judges decision is final

5.      All participants would get a certificate with the Title ‘TALENTED STAR 2021’ printed on it.

6.      In each Category one Best Performer will be selected and awarded with Trophy and certificate.

7.      Registration Fee: Rs.399 per Event.

8.    Last date for Registration 25.04.2021

   For registration (through mail or WhatsApp)

Contact no: 8610718163.