Enhance Team Presents Leap of Knowledge | Online Quiz Competition 2021

Enhance Team proudly presents ‘Leap of Knowledge –Online Quiz Competition 2021’. This online Quiz is conducted on the event of World Wild life Day, National Safety Day & National Vaccination Day.

UNO announced the theme of wildlife day as “ Forests and Livelihoods : sustaining people and planet”. This contest is an opportunity to your kids -know about various animals in the world, Traffic Signs, Vaccinations and showcase your kids unique talent.


Category A : Toddlers, LKG , UKG(Identify the Animals)

Category B: 1ST, 2nd, 3rdGRADE (Group of Animals,homes of animals,Traffic Signs & Vaccination)

Category C: 4th, 5th, 6thGRADE (Group of Animals,homes of animals,Traffic Signs & Vaccination)

Rules and syllabus will be shared after registration and payment.

For Registration Whatsapp @ 9943371243

Registration Ends : 25ThMarch2021

Slots FOR QUIZ starts from : 27Th March 2021

Payment : Gpay@ 7373337123

Registration Fee : Rs.150 per Event

Note:All participants will be awarded E-Certificates. All Winners will be awarded E-certificates & Trophies. Highest mark in least duration is the winning criteria. 
All participants who got full scores other than winners in Quiz Competition will get special mention medal. Winners will need to send courier charges upon their prize arrival. Amount paid is Non Refundable/not transferable to any other competitions.

Register through https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhx5ZzUXS8SdINr3qcX433ytqRFK4WzQLFDusgf2RuM2TJ0Q/viewform