Children’s Climate Prize 2021 (Sweden)


Nomination is open for the Children’s Climate Prize 2021

Prize: Medal, Diploma, Rs. 8.5 Lakh, Trip to Sweden, Mentorship and Global Publicity.

To nominate yourself or others:

For more info:

Last Date: 4-June-2021

Nominee Criteria:

– Must be 12-17 years.

– Must have done one of the following:

1) An Innovation or Invention (Machine or Equipment)
2) A Project or an Initiative (Campaign or Movement)
3) A Person or an Organisation works on environment and climate issues

– Must have significant positive impact on the environment, climate and air.

– Must submit documents, photos and videos with verifiable references.

– Can nominate oneself or someone else can nominate you.

– The prize can be awarded to an individual, group or organisation.

– Nomination is accepted from around the world.

Below is the rough guide to prepare your “Portfolio” of documents. You can prepare and submit documents according to your profile.    

– Cover Letter (1-2 Pages)

– Nominee Profile (1-2 Pages)

– Nominee’s Project or Innovation (2-3 Pages)

– Nominee Achievements (1-2 Pages)

– Achievement’s impact on the environment, climate or air (1-2 Pages)

– Supporting Documents: Newspaper Articles, Magazine Articles, Article Links, Video Links, Photographs, Awards, Prizes, Recognitions, Felicitations, Letters, Recommendations, ….

– Why receiving the Children’s Climate Prize is important (1 Page)

– An ‘Action Plan’ after receiving the Children’s Climate Prize (1 Page)

– How the ‘Action Plan’ will have positive impact on the environment, climate or air (1 Page)

Preparing Your Portfolio: In a MS-Word file, type answer to the above in detail. Then, other content can be scanned and inserted into the Word file to create the portfolio. Please revise the portfolio several times to make sure that there are no factual errors and it stands out from others.  Finally, fill up the nomination ( The portfolio can be ‘emailed’ as an additional supporting document after filling up the nomination.

Please take enough time to prepare documents and submit the best nomination.

Do ensure to give correct contact details such as full name, email, mobile number and address.  

Please inform everyone about the Children’s Climate Prize. All the best!