APPEND 2021 | International Fest for Learners & Creators

Lok Sewa Trust in collaboration with SNP Writer [@snpwriter_infinite6627] is conducting an event for learners and creators – The Grand Event- APPEND-2021.

This is an international fest conducted globally with a huge enthusiasm. It will have events of all the types.

Cash Prizes, E-Medals and awards would be provided to the participants of this event. All the participants would get a huge benefit and will become a champion all over the world.

Their names would be published on our social-media platforms having more than 5000+ visitors.

So this is the best chance for you all to be a part of this event.

It has a very long time span to register, submit and be a proud participant of this event.

So What are you waiting for? Go and register now and be a participant of this grand event and get a golden opportunity to be an international champion.

You can also view our plans and pricing for more benefits in APPEND-2021.

Hope for your nice day and huge participation.

Eligibility:This competition is open to all.
You all can also visit the official website for more details:

For any queries, you can mail  at

All the participants will be felicitated with E-medals and certificates. Hence, A huge opportunity for you all.

Lok sewa trust is a recognized organisation located at Jheel Khurenja, Delhi.