Online Competitions by ColorTree – November 2020

Online Competitions by ColorTree – November 2020.

The following are the online competitions available for registration till 14-November-2020.
Age categories:
Age category will be 3 – 14 years 
Four age groups are, 
3-5 years, 
6-8 years, 
9-11 years,
12-14 years. 
Competition categories:
1.Drawing & Coloring:
Theme – Jawaharlal Nehru (3-5 years coloring only) 
Theme – Children’s Day celebration (6-8, 9-11 years drawing) 
Theme – 2020 (Important things happened in the year 2020 by way of drawing picture)
Images will be sent through whatsapp. 
Theme – About Jawaharlal Nehru (3-5, 6-8 years) 
Theme – How can you celebrate Diwali this year during the corona crisis? (9-11 years) 
Theme – About online classes and its benefits. (12-14 years) 
Minimum of 1-2 minutes video of speech of the above said topics and send the through whatsapp. 
3.Arts &  crafts making:
Theme – Open topic for all the age groups. 
Participants can use paper, board, Clay, etc., for making arts and crafts. 
Making video of 1-2 minutes and image will be send through whatsapp. 
4.Essay writing:
Theme – Same topics as above the Speech competition for age groups respectively. 
Images will be sent through whatsapp. 
Last date for registration: 14-11-2020
Last of submission: 15-11-2020
Date of result: 16-11-2020
Registration fee is Rs.100 for each competitions 
*Combo fee of Rs.350 for all the competitions for single candidate 
Trophies, medals and certificates for the winners & runners from each category. 
All the participants will get e-certificates
Submit images and videos through whatsapp to  75300 35907