Online Extempore Challenge #1

Online Extempore Challenge #1.

COVID-19 has got everything talking! Think your child can voice their own thoughts on the pandemic effectively? Find out at the inaugural Extempore Challenge!

Presenting the 1st edition of the Extempore Challenge; a contest where children will be given a platform to not just think quickly but also to voice their thoughts freely!

Register now @ or call-whatsapp  at 9686534166

  1. Venue Address: Online Competition via Zoom. 
  2. Age Group: Under 12, Under 16
  3. Event Date: 8th-12th September 2020.
  4. Timings: Qualifier round is 3-9 pm on Tuesday, 8th September. Final is 10:30 am-1:00 pm on Saturday, 12th September
  5. Registration Deadline: 7th September, 3 PM
  6. Event Fee: 299
  7. Creative/Art Work for the event (high resolution image): Attached
  8. Link to Book Tickets/Registration:
Contact Information
  1. Contact Person: Gunjan Shah
  2. Contact Number: 9686534166
  3. Email
  4. Website:
  5. Facebook Page: