Spelling Bee International Launched

Spelling Bee International – the truly global, international Spelling Bee for all. It is for ANYONE, ANYWHERE on Earth….. and beyond !!
It has some unique features that will enable all to participate in it :
1. It is truly international because IT IS OPEN TO ALL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD. It does not matter which country you belong to, all can participate on this common platform.
2. It is a completely online contest... so everyone can participate irrespective of where they are
3. It has three levels :
Preliminary level– here the students participate and depending on how well they perform, get an opportunity to participate in their respective national level contests.
National level – all qualifiers of the preliminary levels, compete at their respective National levels.
International level– All national-level winners of each nation represent their countries in the International level contest.
4. All participants get certificates. Qualifiers and winners of each level get Certificates & Citations, Winners also get Medals.
5. All participants get access to many resources to practise and improve their Spelling and Vocabulary :
a GUIDE BOOK with more than 1000 words and exercises
interesting words each day
– 6 Mock Tests
…… and much more at no extra cost. There are no charges for any further levels or guidebooks or mock tests. Just a ONE TIME charge.
The charges and details are mentioned in the website :
Presently there are amazing offers for the first 1000 registrations…which are running out fast. the response has been fantastic with participants registering from all across the world.
All details are available at  https://spellingbeeinternational.com