UNESCO & Takhte are organizing Year1AC (After Coronavirus) Pan India Online Essay Contest 2020

Essay Contest for Young Indian Writers To Reflect on the Future They Want.

Looking for options to get engage during the lockdown period due to COVID 2019. It’s the time to be creative and challenge your critical thinking.

Pen your thoughts and participate as UNESCO and Takhte are organizing Year1AC (After Coronavirus) Pan India Online Essay Contest 2020.

Entries are welcome on a rolling basis, and the best essays received under each category (children and youth) will be highlighted regularly on the website and social media handles of UNESCO New Delhi and Takhte.

There are 10 essay topics, touching nearly all situations we are facing or will face in the future because of COVID 2019, which are mentioned as under:

A. Essay topics for children

1.      Learning at home during lockdown: my parents and my teachers

2.      Stronger together and a new word for us: solidarity

3.      Science and health: what should we change to be more resilient?

4.      Culture and crafts: how to be creative when staying at home

5.      Not everything we find online is true!

B. Essay topics for youth

1.      The current crisis is showing the best and the worst of humanity. Will a new form of solidarity emerge at the end of the tunnel or do you think on the contrary that previous trends of the last few years (e.g. increasing nationalisms) will be enhanced?

2.      Do you think that the COVID-19 pandemic will force us to redefine the quest for a better use of our natural resources? Will there be a before and an after for environmental issues? If so how?

3.      The lockdown affected men and women equally. At home, it also forced them for instance to share household chores. Do you believe this crisis will have long lasting consequences on gender roles and stereotypes in the country?

4.      What will be the role of young people in addressing the crisis caused by the pandemic and related issues, such as new balances in power, raising inequalities and reduced employment opportunities?

5.      The 21st century, with all its science and technology, allows us to go to Mars and develop Artificial Intelligence. Yet, one virus brings us to a complete standstill in a few weeks? Do you think there should be changes in priorities for science and research in future?

Also, the first 100 chosen essays will be published in a Book titled Year 1 AC: Essays by 100 Young Writers’  launched by UNESCO New Delhi and Takhte!

Read complete details on submission and essay topics: https://www.takhte.in/contest.php & https://bit.ly/year1ac

Send in your entries at year1ac2020@gmail.com

The competition will be launched and remain open as the on-going crisis unfolds. Entries will be received on a rolling basis, and UNESCO and Takhte will select each week the five (5) best essays from each age group to be published daily on their websites and social media. Later on, the 100 winning essays will be published as a book.