Potboiler’s Art and Story Fest-2020!! Online Submission through App

Potboiler’s Art and Story Fest-2020!!

16-3-2020 to 10-6-2020

Here is a Summer fest for all of you!!

Tots, Preschoolers, Schoolers, Teens and the official adults welcome aboard, put your creative caps and haul the Prizes!

Art Fest

Category 1

Tots and Preschoolers( 3yrs -6yrs)

Coloring the favorite Character

Color your favorite character from  the following stories( available at the story app Potboiler)

1) Mithra

Category 2

Illustration of favorite scene

A) Schoolers and Teens( 7-18)

Bring alive your favorite character from the following story( available in the Potboiler story app)

1)To School with Suman

B)Heart to art( 19-99)

Illustrate your favorite scene from any one of the following story ( available in the potboiler story app)

1) Mirage


The coloring / illustrations should be mailed( scan/photo) storiesatpotboiler@gmail.com after entering the following details in the competition section

Title – Tots and Preschoolers/ Schoolers and Teens / Heart to Art


Story- Few lines about you!!



Age-group – Below 6 yrs

Twist a tale or tell a tale!!

*Read any One story available in Kids Broth-stories

*Add your own creative touch/ tell the tale as it is

* Send us(email – storiesatpotboiler@gmail.com) a audio or video of your lil one’s story time( get creative, parents can join to support their lo or do even a role play

Prime weavers

Age group -7-12 years

Twist a tale

*Read the story Mitra or Grandma Stories

*Add your own creative touch

*Type it and submit it in the app Potboiler

Ace spinners

Age-12-18 yrs

Twist a Tale

*Read the story The Girl on wexing Road or Adventures of Sonu and Monu

*Add your own creative touch

*Type it down and submit it in the app Potboiler

Pro Dreamers

Age group 18 yrs and above

Twist aTale

*Read the story Sita and Browny or My Heart will Go on

*Give a different ending to the story

*Type and submit it in the app Potboiler

For queries and more email to storiesatpotboiler@gmail.com

General instructions

  • Enrolment and Submission through the story app Potboiler only.
  • Each Participant can submit a maximum of three entries Enrollment fee of Rs. 10 per entry should be paid at the time of submission.
  • Submission without entry fees will be rejected
  • A mail should be sent with the details ofregister number, tittle ,category and age to storiesatpotboiler@gmail.com after submission of the story. All submission should follow the above-mentioned guidelines
  • Submission not meeting the guidelines will be rejected Last Date for submission: By June10th 2020
  • Entries received after the last date will not be accepted
  • Results will be announced through the app and everyone can view it
  • The decision of the judges will be final.
  • For any queries mail to storiesatpotboiler@gmail.com
  • Time limit for audio / Video – not to exceed 5 mins
  • Min word count for Twist a Tale-150. Max 1000
  • Coloring images can be requested via mail to storiesatpotboiler@gmail.com