NATHELLA UTSAVAM – 2018 (Marghazhi Issai mattrum Nattiya Vizha)

NATHELLA UTSAVAM – 2018 (Marghazhi Issai mattrum Nattiya Vizha) RULES & REGULATION

Performing time per slot is 50 minutes only.

Booked slots will not be changed under any circumstances.

Artist’s bio-data has to be submitted while booking the slots.

Participants have to bring their own laptop to play their audio tracks (only audio allowed).

Other than the registered participants, additional participants will not be encouraged.

All participants will be issued Participation Certificates.

Green room will be available 30 minutes before their slots.

Amount once paid will not be refunded.

The school reserves full rights to cancel the program without prior notice, at any point of time.

All financial transactions and contract should be dealt only with / through the Principal of the School.

Any amendments should be communicated directly to the Principal two days prior the programme.

Participants are expected to respect the School property. Any damages or loss of School property will invite additional charges.

The Principal’s decision is final in case of any dispute.

Any activity that defames the school directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited.

The Name of the School must not be cited, quoted, mentioned anywhere without seeking prior permission from the Principal.

Hall must be used only for the purposes discussed and hired for.

In case of any risk / issue during / pertaining to the event the school cannot be held responsible.

Sticking of posters or Hammering nails into walls is not permitted.

Loitering around prohibited area is not permitted.

Two rest rooms near the ground are open for the convenience of the participants.

Canteen facility is available. Outside food is strictly not allowed.

Sponsors are solicited.