NatQ Contest |Nature Quotient Contest 2014

Hari Om!
Sruri Kendra launches Nature Quotient Contest 2014 for kids from 3rd std to 10th std.

Competitions range from drawing, story telling, essay writing, cartoon drawing, poster painting, skits and quiz.

Registration Fee Rs. 100/-

Resource material “Bhootha Yagna” is free for each registration. Competitions based on the book.

All participating student will get a certificate.

Competition on September, Oct and Nov 2014.
natq contest 2014

Sruti Kendra’s objective is to instil proper moral values in children to make them agents of change in our
society. Environmental protection is one of the important values.

Towards this, Sruti Kendra has brought out a deeply researched book for children, “Bhoota Yagna”
covering the five elements, plant and animal life. This book will be the main resource material for this
competition and will be given to each participant along with the registration.

This book is available in both English and Tamil versions. Another important objective of Sruti Kendra is
to bring value education to children from less privileged background and create this environmental
awareness in them also.