Primary Olympiad 2013-2014

Primary Olympiad by Firefish Networks in collaboration with the Cambridge University Press.

  • The English Olympiad focuses on Spelling and Grammar.
  • The Maths Olympiad focuses on Arithmetic and Geometry.
  • The Science Olympiad focuses on Science and Environmental Studies.

Details of the Primary Olympiad 2013-2014

 Open for students from standards 1 through 5.

  •  Enrolled students receive books published by the Cambridge University Press for preparation.
  • One time fees for standard Rs. 600 for each of Olympiads.
  • Which includes cost of registration, books, examinations, scorecards, certificates, medals and other prizes?
  • City round of the exam will be held in January 2014 in our center.
  • National round for qualifying students will be held anytime between February and April 2014.
  • The National round center will be in a school centrally located in your city.
  • Students receive scorecards, participation certificates, winner’s certificates, medals and other prizes.
  • Winning schools and students get recognition by being acknowledged in the media.
  • The scorecard provides a detailed breakdown by competency allowing the child to work on weak areas in the future.
  • The scorecard also provides the rank of the child in the school and standing of the child nationally.

This program will help your children learn English, Maths and Science in a very structured format with a lot of activities. This will help them have a strong foundation in English, Maths and Science. By participating in an international level competition children will be better prepared to take on challenging competitions in the future.

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LAST DATE TO Register: September 15th 2013

The Phoenix Academy,
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Sindhoori apartment,
Virugambakkam, Chennai -92
Phone: 9500046856, 9500046821