The Year 2022 will mark 30 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and India. The leaders of ASEAN and India have agreed to celebrate the year 2022 as ASEAN-India Friendship Year. In this context, logo designs with tagline are invited highlighting the progress made in ASEAN-India relations over the three decades. The selected logo will be used for the events and activities to be held under the framework of the celebrations of ASEAN-India Friendship Year.

The logo and tagline should reflect the friendship between ASEAN and India.
The logo and tagline should reflect the collective aspirations of the people of ASEAN and India.
The logo and/or tagline should contain the phrase 30th Anniversary of ASEAN-India Relations.
The tagline should be in English. If texts are to be used in the logo design, it should be in English

First Price: US$ 1000 (or equivalent Indian Rupees)
Two consolation prizes: US$ 500 each (or equivalent Indian Rupees)

All participants will be awarded digital certificates.

The last date for submission is 14 March 2022

Details and Registration :

ASEAN-India Logo Design and Tagline Contest 2022
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