M.K.THAKSHITH, Son of MADHAN AND KAVIPRIYA KRISHNAMOORTHY, is a two years four months old child. He is a very talented kid. He likes to learn new things. He loves puzzles and music. He has created a new world record as the Fastest Puzzles Arranging & Extraordinary Grasping Power Kid.

M.K.THAKSHITH | Born on 25-10- 2018 From Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. He has created new world record by Fastest 9 Wooden Puzzles arranging in 7mins 38secs Vehicles, Shapes, Schools, Alphabet, Vegetables, Animals, Numbers.  
 He also identifying and reciting Alphabet, Fruits 54, Vegetables 50, Vehicles 44, Wild Animals 50, Domestic Animal 47, Birds 50, Home appliances 20, Healthy food 24,Tamil poets 15, Flag10, Parts of body at a tender age of two years and set a new world record dates on 21-02-2021 at Venue – HOTEL SIMSAN, Koyambedu, Chennai.
This Achievements is registered in Kalam’s World Records. 
M.K.Thakshith | New World Record| Fastest Puzzles Arranging & Extraordinary Grasping Power Kid
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