Achieve Academy, a growth center for all age group conducts “Kalakalaana Navarathri Competitions”.

8th  Sep– Rangoli for ladies  – 90cm /90cm. 3.30 to 4.30.

15th Sep– Non fire sweet making competition for ladies and children. 2.30 to 3.30pm.

5pm- fancy dress for kids- 4.30pm. THEME – BHAKTHI

6th Oct– 9 am 6th oct- 9am – solo dance- traditional or folk only.

3pm- Sloka and Bhakthi Geet competition.

14th Oct – innovative sundal – to b submit d between 4 to 5pm. Names to be registered by 2nd Oct.

Other details call 9884001944. Registrations- 9884001944/ 9677150736.

Address: T -88, 5th Main Rd, Annnanagar. Opposite to Annnanagar east bus depot.

Kalakalaana Navarathri Competitions at Achieve Academy
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