Grand Event for Youth (Hosted by Writers Competitions)

Grand Event for Youth (Hosted by Writers Competitions)

i) The deadline of registration and the submission of your works is 16th February, 2023.

2) The registration link for google form is provided below (and on our Insta page’s bio as well) :

3) The events being organized under this event are:

– Writing Competition (The writer may send any write-up) : It can be story, poetry, quotes (min. 8 quotes)

– Speaking Skills Competition

– Creative Talent showing competition

4) This time, we are coming back with more improved services and the best expert team. Response will be given within 2-3 hours with assurance. International Entries are allowed too!



– In this competition, you have to send any write up such as Poem/Prose/Story/Article/Quote etc. You can send up to 2 write-ups.

– Make sure, write-up is not plagiarized or taken from any other source.


– In this competition, you may send any video of you speaking anything. The write-up can be your own work or taken from some other source. Your speaking skills will be judged.

Make sure of your voice modulation, pronunciation etc.


– If you have any talent which you want to show else than the above 3 competitions, then you can send us entry describing your talent and any proof such as video or image. If you want to show any technical skill, you can send us document or file.


This grand event is open to all kind of age groups. Hence, anyone can be an eminent part of this competition to make it a grand success.


For each event, the registration fees is Rs. 50


For those who want to participate in more than one event, Our Team has decided to offer them an amazing discount.

FOR 1 EVENT : Rs. 50

FOR 2 EVENTS : Rs. 90

FOR 3 EVENTS : Rs. 120

This grand event also aims to honor the talents. But not only winners, but participants’ perks are also there!

Hence, the prizes are as follows:

Rank 1: Cash Prize of 1000/- + Hard Copy of Certificate + Gold Medal+ winning flyer+ Trophy+ Voucher+Winning Letter

Rank 2: Cash Prize of 750/- + Hard Copy of Certificate + Silver Medal+ Trophy+ Winning Letter

Rank 3: Cash Prize of 500/- + Hard Copy of Certificate + Badge + Winning Letter

The amount of vouchers may vary according to the positions secured by the winners.)

The organizers have power to announce some special mentions if they think that the prize is deserved by him/her.

Note: For special mentions, prizes are:

Soft copy of Appreciation Certificate + Recognition Letter+ Participation Badge

Participation Perks: E-Certificate of Participation + Performance Letter with feedback+ E-Medal for recognizing the talent

For our next event, all participants get 10% off on the event fees.

The results will be final and binding.

So, Dear viewers,

We advise you to participate in this event for many benefits which would make you feel lovely. Your participation may definitely lead to success one day. Participate without any hesitation because your money won’t be a waste here, instead useful!

With regards,

Writers competitions team

For any queries, don’t hesitate to mail us at