Invitation to Apply | A Tribute to José Martí

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in India and the Eight Goals One Foundation are organising an artistic tribute to José Martí, a national hero of the Republic of Cuba, on the 127th anniversary of his fall in combat. It would give us great pleasure to invite students from your institution to become a part of this tribute.

We, Eight Goals One Foundation (8one), encourage students of all ages to inspire us with their creative interpretations of the universal ideals that José Martí stood for: Liberty, Democracy, Equality, Unity, Peace, Justice, and Education. Students can feel free to express themselves through poetry, prose, paintings, or any other forms of artistic expressions. There are no word or size limits, and all submissions shall be treated under the Creative Commons License.

We welcome you to share the artistic expressions of the students with us via email to with the subject format as: Participant Name, Institution Name, City. The artistic expressions prepared by the students can be shared as attachments in the following ways:

1.      Paintings, sketches, sculptures, or crafts can be shared with the help of clear photographs in .png, .jpeg, or similar formats.

2.      Written poems, prose, or lyrics can be shared with the help of PDF or Word documents in .pdf, .docx or similar formats.

3.      Recitals of poems, prose, or music can be shared with the help of audio or video recordings in .mp4. .mov, .wav or similar formats.

4.      Artistic expressions in forms other than the ones mentioned above can also be shared in similar formats.

We are eagerly looking forward to receiving these artistic expressions starting from Thursday, 14th April 2022 till Tuesday, 3rd May 2022. You can also find further details on how students and institutions can participate in an attachment to this email.

We shall be hosting the Tribute on Thursday, 19th May 2022 at the India International Centre, New Delhi and shall invite three students with the most unique artistic expressions to present their work in front of dignitaries from around the world and receive commendation from the Ambassador of The Republic of Cuba to India on Thursday, 19th May 2022 during the Tribute in New Delhi, along with other benefits shared in the attachment. For students who reside outside the National Capital Region, we will also be providing for their travel and accommodation expenses for 19th May 2022.

To convey our deep gratitude and appreciation, we will present book vouchers worth INR 20,000 for the library of the academic institution that shares the maximum number of entries for this tribute with us.

We look forward to receiving many incredible artistic expressions from your students. You may reach out to us at in case you have any questions, we would be happy to help.