Vidya’s Academy of Fine Arts Cultural Fest Results

Hello parent’s & Cute kids,
We are very happy and take the immense pleasure in announcing our results.
Our Academy is fulfilled with the satisfaction in conducting this cultural fest. 
We must really appreciate the kids for their outstanding performances and talents.
Extra Ordinary performing kids in our cultural fest competition 2021
1.T.P.Pragalaya (Thirukural Recitation)
(Multi-talented kid)
3.Viraaj Saxena( Creative minds in Drawing)
(Multi-talented kid)
5.Ram Hariharan (Multi-talented kid)
6.Kapil Kiran Chavan (Multi-talented kid)
7. V.Chinmayi( Singing )
8.A.K.Harikesh( General Knowledge)
( Multi-talented kid)
10.Kadam Kavya Ganpat (Super-Talented kid)
11.Ipshita K Das    
(Super-Talented kid)
Our heartiest congratulations to the deserving kids and their parents for the hardwork & interests.
Thank you,
Vidya’s Academy of Fine Arts.