Goblet of Problems : An International Mathematics Contest by Club 1729 | Free Registration

Club 1729, a math organization that has been founded to inspire children towards Mathematics and help them build problem-solving skills and logical abilities. Club 1729 has been founded by the Alumni and some of Faculty of Mathematics at IIT Bombay, who are extremely passionate towards teaching and Mathematics.

We started ‘Goblet of Problems’ last year with an intention to create a platform where children from different schools, cities and countries can participate and engage in solving interesting puzzles and problems that involve application of what they learn in school. We are happy that this received a warm and encouraging response with students across globe (US, Europe, China, Africa and India) participating enthusiastically.

A mini contest for the young minds around Math, Logic and Problem Solving !!!

An Opportunity to

  1. Showcase your child’s skills in thinking, problem solving and math.
  2. Benchmark your child’s skills at International level
  3. Win Medals and Certificates

When and Where:

Sunday, July 18, 2021: 10.00 AM (IST)


How to Register : https://forms.gle/dgVnZRQjJKDXENiP9

There are no registration fees.


  1. This is a mini-contest and the objective of this contest is to assess and benchmark a young child on the application of mind – particularly to solve problems around math and logic.
  2. It is to identify interest and potential of a child around math and logic.
  3. It is to acknowledge the ‘grit’ and ‘perseverance’ of the child around building the math skills.
  4. The contest is not meant to be a comprehensive one and is not intended to reflect IQ or any other benchmark. It is a reflection of performance around certain tasks on a particular day.


Students may find this contest more difficult than the school exams, especially if they have not been exposed to ‘application’ or ‘contest’ kind of problems. We have evolved our marking system to factor in the difficulty levels. Following is our general approach (this may vary from contest to contest)

Gold Medal Top 5 percentile These are the general guidelines and there will be minimum criteria. At any point the organizers may deviate from the policy.
Silver Medal Between Top 5 to 15 percentile
Bronze Medal Between Top 15 to Top 25 percentile

A Certificate in the electronic format (PDF) will be issued.


Promoted to Std 3 to Std 10 (as of June 2021)

For awarding medals, a student’s grade and difficulty of the question will be considered.

For more Details visit ushttp://www.club1729.org