Whitepen Academy – Spoken English – Grammar Essentials

Warm greetings from Whitepen Academy, Unleash your potential by improving your English language skills.

The good news is a 4 – Week Program for children from June 5, 2021,11 am onward

White Pen Academy offers proprietary Spoken English
classes for children, through a 4-week interactive course
that covers all essentials of grammar, making it easy for
children to adapt, practice and profess English speaking


Summer camp fee : Rs. 1000/- per person
GROUP 1 – GRADE I & II • Pronunciation table • Parts of Speech • Pronouns and related words • Articles • Prepositions • Types of Sentence • Sentence Forming Method  
GROUP 2 – GRADE IV, V & VI • Pronunciation table • Sounds, Diction and Syllables • Tenses • Types of Nouns • Modals • Be Form Sentences • Conjunctions • Request, Order, parts of speech • Active & passive Voice • Sentence Forming Method  
It will absolutely be a fun-filled learning activity.