Wisdom Launch’s Rangoli Contest 2021

On the occasion of Wisdom Launch’s First Anniversary, we are organizing a RANGOLI CONTEST 2021 for children (7 to 14 years). Rangoli is an ancient and traditional Indian art form that embodies beauty and auspiciousness.

How to Participate
Submit your entries using the submission form link at the end of this post.

 Age Groups: 7 to 8 years, 9 to 10 years, 11 to 12 years, and 13 to 14 years

Common Instructions:
1. Submit strictly one clearly captured image of your creation and a making video per participant to validate your entry.
2. Making video(s) must be one shot without editing and not exceeding 4 minutes. Minimum video duration – 2 mins
3. Rangoli should be created on the floor and only using Rangoli powder, semolina, rice, or sand.
4. Entries should be done by children. However, parents can guide their children. Three Winner per age group will be selected.
5. No limitation to use any kind of colors and coloring tools in your entries.
6. The chalk can be used only for outlines and/or to write in a few wishes, if you want to make your Rangoli extra special.
7. The participant will be judged on the basis of creativity, complexity and overall impression.
8. Image(s) or Video(s) must be original. However, there must be no border(s), text(s), logo(s), copyright marks, identifying marks, or any other visible references and/or marks on the video(s) or image(s), and does not affect the authenticity and/or genuineness of the image(s) or Video(s).
9. The decision of the judging panel will be final.

Submission Form: https://forms.gle/zpkkMAayN7vnrk4A7
Due for Submission: February 08, 2021 11:59 PM IST


Email – events@wisdomlaunch.in

Website: https://wisdomlaunch.in/