Drawing Contest by Blossom – Results!!

Kids Showcased their talent in Drawing Contest and it was quite tough for the Judge to decide the Winners since everyone have given their best.
Results of the Contest as below and the Winner also received a Cash Prize..
Grade 3 To  5 (Topic – Spaceship)

Winner : R.Mithra

Runner: N.Prithivi Raj
Grade 6 to 8 (Topic – Hot Air Balloon)
Winner : Sp Vasantha
Runner: MS Charan and Harshini A
We also recognized our Children who won during the contest held internally!
Winner (For their favourite Pic)
Nitish (Grade 3-4)
Yashitha(Grade 5-6)
S. TarunKumar(Grade 7-8)

Winner-Kabiskar for Topic – Scenery

Winner-Jasmine for Topic-Save Water
Runner-Jane Sherley for Topic-Save Water

Kudos to all the Kids..!!!

Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kumaran (Swesa Kalai Koodam) for judging and our sincere thanks to all the parents for their support!!

Stay tuned for more exciting events!!

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