Hyderabad Open Art Competition 2018

First time in the history of Hyderabad – it is happening now – an Open Competition for Art !!!

To find best artistic talents in our own city – Hyderabad, to encourage all the budding artists, to show-case hidden talents of upcoming artists, explore ideas from school children, and to give a platform for everyone to exhibit their inner talents, Cultivating Art is organizing an open competition for all art lovers – “Hyderabad Open Art Competition – 2018”.

Hyderabad Open Art Competition will be conducted in 7 different categories from Pre School children to Men and Women of all ages.

Category 1 – Pre-school
Category 2 – Classes 1 to 2
Category 3 – Classes 3 to 4
Category 4 – Classes 5 to 6
Category 5 – Classes 7 to 8
Category 6 – Classes 9 to 10
Category 7 – Men & Women of all ages

Theme: “Celebrating Children’s Day”

Medium: any drawing/coloring material but preferably wax crayons for Category 1 to 3, and water colors for Category 4 to 7.

Everyone is a winner in Art. Every participant will get a personalized name printed “Participation Certificate”.

Every Category will have top performers in a 1:25 ratio i.e. for every 25 participants, 1 top performer will be awarded with a memento and merit certificate. For ex. if there are 1000 participants in a category, then 40 top performers will be awarded.

Exceptional art work will be rewarded with Certificate of Excellence.

Surprise gifts from sponsors – will be announced on competition day by sponsors.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Entry fee is Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only).
2. Last date for submission of entries – 4th November 2018.
3. Time duration is strictly 90 minutes only.
4. Art work submission counters will be closed at 11:30 am sharp.

5. Participants must get all their material like drawing pads, crayons, water colors, paint palette, pencils, eraser etc. Only drawing sheets will be provided.

6. Parents are not allowed inside to help children but allowed as participants of Category 7. We strongly encourage all parents to give a try and experience what their kids are enjoying. Why only kids have all the fun? Why not parents?

7. Prizes will be announced by 12:30 pm on the same day and will be distributed immediately.
8. Judges decision will be final without any further jurisdiction.
9. No arguments or comparisons or discussions or explanations entertained on Judges’ decision.

10. Due to elections time in Hyderabad, for any unforeseen reasons, if any changes with date or venue, all participants must adhere and cooperate with the organizers.

11. Participation Certificate, mementos, surprise gifts will be given on the same day.

12. Merit Certificates & Certificate of Excellence will be sent by post within 10 days after competition date.

13. For any queries, call us on: +91-83417-00716 or +91-92999-58548 or email us at: art@cultivatingart.in or visit us at: www.cultivatingart.in

14. Prior registration is a must. There will be no on-the-spot registration.