“Social Skills & Anger Management ” Workshop for LKG to V Std Kids

Workshop on Social Skills & Anger Management.[For LKG to V std students]

Date : 18 June, 2017 (Sunday)

Time : 10.00am to 2.00pm

Registration Fee is 2000/- Kindly register before 17 th June (Saturday)

Snacks and lunch will be provided for all the participants.

It is a workshop for LKG to V std students.

There is no doubt that “social skills” is one of the most important skills a child can
posses. We as parents and teachers show incredible care to the academic growth of the

When comes to personal growth of the child……, here is where we have to become more caring. This half day workshop will help our LITTLE PEOPLE to understand the need of
appropriate social skills and the role of understanding their emotions especially

In this workshop, we teach children to recognize their anger and find out the
necessary tools to carefully administer and transform it effectively which in turn give a path to positive social life.

In the workshop we teach one of the most threatening current issue “GOOD TOUCH VS BAD TOUCH”, which revolves around the safety of our kids.

Few benefits of participating in the workshop :

  • Minding manners
  • Using magic words
  • Good touch Vs Bad touch
  • Creating positive image
  • Open dialogue & communication
  • Dining etiquette
  • Kindly enroll your children for the workshop & see your kids evolving in a better
    version as a super kid.

    Team – Ojas Happy Birds Academy.

    To register call : 9788759213 / 7200003898