51st International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2023 competition and subsequent exhibition is one of the largest in the world, bringing together thousands of children from all over the world every year.

The 51st ICEFA Lidice will be dedicated to the theme: Dance

Around us, we can also find dances in a figurative sense – a dance of colours and lights, a dance of planets, the dancing of shadows on the wall.

What dances do you like?
What music inspires you to dance?
With whom would you like to dance or where would you like to dance?
How do you feel when dancing? What would you like to say by dancing?
Can nature or things dance?

The entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges in two rounds. Artworks that receive an award will be exhibited on an annual exhibition in the Lidice Gallery from June 2023 and awarded 2D artworks subsequently archived. Smaller exhibitions from the entries will follow in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Participation in the exhibition is open only to children aged 4 to 16, both as individuals and as representatives of schools and art clubs. People with disabilities can participate at any age.

The maximum format for a 2D entry: 70 × 50 cm.
The maximum format for a 3D entry: 100 × 70 × 40 cm, weight max. 10 kg.
A maximum of two entries of the same technique (painting and drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, film/animation, art objects) by one author is acceptable. One author can participate with entries in multiple techniques.

Complete Details : https://www.mdvv-lidice.cz/en/current/invitation/

51st International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2023
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