This unique competition we have arranged to boost kids talent as well as how to prepare them for oral exams.This is our 19th Competition since last year.

1)Competition will held on *1st, 2nd and 3rd of May 2022*.

2)It will be one to one  WhatsApp video call* .

 *3)We will be providing material for preparation according to their age.(not according to grades). Oral questions will be from given material.
All questions will be according to their age only..

4)Registration fees for India is just *Rs. 200. (Gpay) on this same number i.e 7620758556
After paying fees, send us screenshot of payment..Then you will get a link to join.

5)Winner  will get 
*Trophy. . Second and third rank will get gold and silver medal respectively. Also we will be awarding some best performers with Achievement  medals.

Trophy and medal winners have to pay courier charges.

6)Other details you will get  after registration. 

7)Limited seats…. Hurry up

8)We will give study worksheets on 18 th April till 7pm. 
We will be asking questions based on given worksheet only.

9) Teacher’s decision will be final.

10)There will be different worksheet for each age.

11)Once paid fees will not be refundable.

12)Last day to register is 15th 2022 April.

Competition on Know More about Plants
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