Book your spot in Supernova’s Summer Fest, a curated series of super-fun educational game shows for kids, designed & delivered by IITians!

New Launches – Wordle, New Crossword Themes!
Exciting Prizes, Leaderboards, Badges!
 Exclusive Prizes for Junior (Grades 5 & 6) & Super Junior (Grades 1-4)!
 Certificates for all contestants!

Register now for free –

About the organizer:

Supernova is an innovative learning platform created by IIT Madras alumni to teach kids (8-14 years) coding and & computational thinking through games. We host live online game shows and contests every week where children from across the globe participate in thought-provoking games & simulations designed to cultivate coding, problem-solving and computational thinking skills. 


Book your spot in Supernova’s Summer Fest
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