being organized by 
SWP Team (SNP Writer Publications) and @writers._competitions community. 

Mega Online Vocabulary Quiz is one of the amazing quiz competitions being held by SNP Writer Publications and @writers._competitions. It aims to spread knowledge and vocabulary among the intellectual minds of people and make them aware of vocabulary.

i) The registration in this competition is mandatory. The deadline of registration is 30th September, 2021.

2) The google form is provided below (and on our Insta page’s bio as well) :

3) Only registered participants will be sent the link to the quiz via their mail.

4) One participant can register once only. Submitting this form twice may lead to disqualification.

5) The rules for the quiz are:

No. of Questions: 30 questions

Time given: 25 minutes

6) No negative marking in this quiz. The quiz will be held at 5 pm (IST) on 1st October, 2021.

7) The quiz will be conducted through FORM mode only. (Can be Google, Microsoft, Typeform etc.)

8) Benefits are Increase in knowledge of vocabulary, increases ability for you to use better words and write amazing content. Be it any profession, it will definitely help you

9) Eligibility: This quiz is open for all kind of age groups. Main aim is to spread literature and develop strong vocabulary among people.

This quiz competition also aims to honour the talents who already know a lot about our literature and vocabulary.


Hence, the prizes are as follows:

Rank 1: Brand Voucher + Gold E-Medal+ Certificate of Achievement + Winning Poster to be published

Rank 2: Brand Voucher + Silver E-Medal + Certificate of Achievement

Rank 3: Brand Voucher + Bronze E-medal + Certificate of Achievement

The amount of voucher may vary according to the positions secured by the winners.)


Everyone will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.


The organizers have power to announce some special mentions if they think that the prize is deserved by him/her.

Results will be final and binding.

The results will be on the basis of Time taken by participant and scores received. First priority will be scores and then timing.